Field Tested Reviews
For EDC Essentials & Gear

Our goal here is simple: create top-notch video reviews by physically testing every product. 

After the work is done, we  summarize our findings and leave the rest up to you.   

How Does This Work?

Each review has to start somewhere. After we know what sort of gear people are interested in, we ship it off to experts so they can work their magic. 

Once in hand, they get to work and put it to the test. In order to uncover the most notable qualities (and pain points), we have them put it through the ringer and gather a report on their findings.

From there, our team works closely with the person who reviewed the gear and a summarized video is formed for your viewing pleasure. The rest is up to you. 

Meet Our Team

Below are the guys behind Everyday Carry Life.




Contact Us

Do you have questions, suggestions, or feedback? Or perhaps you're interested in joining our team. Regardless, drop us a message and someone will be in touch soon.

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